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Technical audit (Snagging)

The most effective way to identify and solve problems in construction


Using specific tools and applications, we identify defects in order to fix them before receiving the work. So that you can enjoy your new home, without defects!

When you buy a new home, you expect everything to be perfect and to be able to move in as soon as it's finished.


In reality, more than 80% of housing units reach the stage of completion and are handed over to future owners with many defects or even unfinished or partially completed works.


Here are just some of the irregularities that we have noticed most often, in our more than 15 years of experience in the field: crooked walls, unfinished or uneven painting, defectively installed parquet, chipped tiles and tiles, no slopes, faulty equipment, installations which have never been tested.

Also, in the conditions of the increase in the price of energy, a thermographic analysis by non-contact temperature measurement has become very important in evaluating the thermal efficiency of the home. Our team uses high-performance TESTO brand equipment to determine the temperature and humidity of rooms and installations.

What is snagging and how can it help you?

Snagging or punch list is an expression used in the construction industry to describe the process of checking a building, apartment or house, and identifying defects that need to be rectified.


Through Homesnag we offer future apartment and new house owners professional snagging services and the identification of all these defects to be fixed before the reception of the home.


Inspections are carried out in accordance with the legislation on quality in construction and the regulations in force.

Delivery Within 24 Hours

We use specialized tools and applications to identify and resolve defects and backlogs. We deliver the digital snagging report within 24 hours of the inspection. It includes the exact location, classification, planning, prioritization and sorting of defects recorded directly on the house plan and photo documentation.

Over 15 years of experience

Our team is made up of construction specialists with over 15 years of experience in the realization, coordination and reception of residential projects (construction engineers, site managers, architects, installation specialists, technical experts). We have the experience of over 500 residential units delivered, an impressive database of information related to the delivery of apartments, types of materials and equipment, suppliers, types of errors and ways to solve them.

Support & Consulting

After completing the snagging report, we continue to provide support and advice on updating it according to the stage of the remedial work. Thus, regardless of the stage of the project, you will always have the advice of specialists at your fingertips, to make the best decision.

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