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  • Equipping

    We offer comprehensive consultation and coordination for equipping new or existing spaces, tailoring solutions to each client's needs. From equipment selection to installation, our experts handle every detail, ensuring a smooth, efficient transition. Quality and efficiency are our priorities, providing spaces equipped to the highest standards.

  • Reception

    Our detailed inspections validate the functionality of every building system and component, ensuring they meet all specifications. We document each stage and provide clear reports, guaranteeing a high-standard project completion. Work reception involves rigorous tests and checks, resolving issues collaboratively for a safe, reliable transition to operational status.

  • Technical Audit (Snagging)

    Using specialized tools and applications, we identify and fix defects before the final handover, ensuring your new home is perfect. With over 15 years of experience, we catch common issues like crooked walls, uneven painting, and faulty equipment. Additionally, we perform thermographic analyses to evaluate thermal efficiency, using high-performance TESTO equipment to determine room and installation temperatures.

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